Dover Strategy Group | Dover Philosophy
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Dover Philosophy

Two things set the Dover Group apart:


We don’t do cookie cutter work. Ever. We consider every project, every piece of mail, and every website an opportunity to showcase your story in a creative, compelling way. Our work stands out from the crowd because we refuse to be bland.

Personal Attention.

The Dover Group takes on a limited number of clients in order to make sure we have the time and resources to deliver a truly unique product. We invest in your campaign in a way that guarantees the best possible product.

The Dover Group has worked on presidential campaigns, nationally targeted congressional, senate, and gubernatorial races, and broad-based public interest ventures. We have decades of experience building successful campaigns in every imaginable environment.

More importantly, we love to win. We combine an unmatched depth of strategic experience with a fundamental commitment to efficient, integrated, aggressive campaigns that win.

The Dover Group isn’t traditional. We don’t have a central office. We operate in four major cities.

We’re not typical. We don’t pass projects down to junior-level staffers and disappear. Our partners and senior-level staff are invested and involved every day.

We’re innovative, and when it comes to winning campaigns, we’re the best there is.