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The History

The Dover Group has offices in Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, and Philadelphia.

So what’s up with the name Dover Group? They’re not based in Dover and they don’t work in Dover. Who are they kidding?

University of Kansas political science professor, author, and noted political commentator, Burdett Loomis clears things up:

In 1998, congressional candidate Dennis Moore allowed me almost completely unfettered access to his campaign, as he sought to unseat incumbent Republican Vince Snowbarger.

"Working on both an article [“The Kansas 3rd District: The ‘Pros from Dover’ Set Up Shop,” in James Thurber, ed. The Battle for Congress] and a documentary, I observed the unusual process of Moore turning over his campaign to three political professionals who were almost totally unfamiliar with Kansas. Despite the hurdles, Chris Esposito, Larry Jacob, and Mark Nevins put together a formidable operation, though often held together by sheer force of will and personality.

"I found their combination of skills, sarcasm, and enthusiasm reminiscent of the Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland characters of Robert Altman’s great comedy MASH. Hence, first in my mind and then in my article, they became "The Pros from Dover," drawn from a movie scene in which Gould and Sutherland run roughshod over the Army brass as they perform a brilliant bit of surgery and then hustle off to play a few holes of golf.

"In 1998, there was no golf (although there was a lot of late-night basketball) as Chris, Larry, and Mark worked their magic (with full credit going to soon-to-be Congressman Moore)."

Staff Bios

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Chris Esposito, Partner, The Dover Group

Chris Esposito is a nationally recognized campaign strategist. A recent profile of Esposito in the Washington Post online declared, “Esposito has helped guide a number of female candidates to victories by immersing himself in the statistics and personalities of each race like few operatives on either side of the political divide.”

As one of the nation’s leading strategists Esposito has helped to oversee numerous races every year, with budgets ranging between $3 million and $40 million. Prior to starting the Dover Group, he spent several cycles at EMILY’s List, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and worked for numerous congressional candidates.

Esposito lives and works in Boston.

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Larry Jacob, Partner, The Dover Group

Larry Jacob’s diverse skills include political campaign strategy, public policy development, fundraising, and foundation expertise - all of which combine to make him a highly sought-after resource.

Prior to the Dover Group, Jacob served as the senior vice president for the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, the sixth largest Community Foundation in the nation, where he was responsible for assets of over $1 billion. Jacob began his career with Senator Bill Bradley and has worked with political candidates across the country at all levels of government, from municipal to federal.

He was recently named one of the 40 most influential individuals under 40 years-old in Kansas City, where he lives and works.

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Mark Nevins, Partner, The Dover Group

Mark Nevins is a Philadelphia-based media and communications consultant with more than a decade of experience in media relations, short- and long-term strategic communications planning, crisis management, and media training.

Nevins has worked on a number of political campaigns and on Capitol Hill. In 2008, he served as the Pennsylvania Communications Director for the Hillary Clinton for President campaign during the primary. In 2004, Nevins served as the Communications Director for the Kerry/Edwards campaign in Pennsylvania.

In addition, Nevins has worked as a communications strategist for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and has worked directly on House campaigns in Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. On Capitol Hill, Nevins worked for U.S. Senators Frank Lautenberg and Dianne Feinstein.

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Director of
New Media

Aaron Hunter, The Dover Group

Aaron Hunter joined the Dover Group in February of 2008 after working in the development department at Loyola University Chicago. Hunter completed a Master’s degree in international politics at Loyola in May of 2007.

From website development and maintenance to Facebook and Twitter, Hunter manages all of the Dover Group's new media projects and keeps clients briefed on developing trends. He also helps to oversee client mail and email fundraising, infrastructure development, and database organization.

Hunter has lived in Chicago since 2002, and works out of the Chicago office.

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Director of Communications & Media Relations

Allison Osborne, The Dover Group

Prior to signing on with the Dover Group, Osborne worked as a fundraiser for Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson and worked on the New Hampshire U.S. Senate primary.

A graduate of Syracuse University, with a background in both public relations and political science, Osborne specializes in developing communications content, media outreach, and graphic design. She joined the Dover Group in December 2008.

Osborne is based in Chicago, where she lives in the Wicker Park area.

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Praise for The Dover Group

"...the Dover Group team did truly first-rate work under often challenging conditions. We ran a very-lightly staffed and over-scheduled statewide campaign... Yet, with Dover's help, we managed to win both the hotly-contested primary and the general election by double digits."

Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord