Dover Group: What We Do

The Dover Group offers innovative, best-in-class services in three key areas: communications strategy, direct mail, and online solutions.

What sets us apart is our ability to integrate all three to deliver the most bang for your buck.

Traditionally, corporate, non-profit, and political campaigns put each of these service areas in a silo. Each one is run independent from the other. The result is a lack of coordination and message discipline.

By allowing the Dover Group to run a fully-integrated communications, direct mail, and online program, you ensure that every action is synced with every other and every word is written to deliver maximum impact.


Few things on a campaign can be as intimidating as dealing with the media. When you’re standing at a podium and there’s a microphone and a camera stuck in your face, the pressure is all on you. We can help you prepare for these events and, more importantly, build a custom plan to make them work in your favor. We’ll put together the strategy, the media contact lists, the messaging, provide the training, and prepare the talking points to make sure you’re on message every time.

Media Relations

Philadelphia Business News Top PR FirmsIn today’s hyper-competitive, non-stop news environment, keeping the media informed and educated about who you are, what you want, and how you plan to get it is crucial. From television news to the online community, one poorly placed bit of incorrect information can take you off track for weeks. The Dover Group helps you establish and maintain positive, productive relationships with the media to ensure the most favorable coverage possible.

Crisis Management and Crisis Communications

It is expected that the unexpected will happen when you’re running a campaign. That comes with the territory. The Dover Group offers a rare set of crisis communications experiences which will help any corporation, candidate, or organization get through emergency situations. In order to effectively handle a crisis, time is of the essence and sometimes that first 24 hours can make or break a communications strategy. When you have the Dover Group on your team, successful crisis management begins minute one.

Corporate Communications

The same communications tactics and strategies that help get presidents, senators, and Members of Congress elected can help your business manage the complex hurdles that stand in the way of getting what you want. Whether it’s defeating a legislative proposal that could cost you millions, winning a crucial vote for approval of a game-changing project, or simply keeping your employees up to date and informed, the Dover Group helps you put your most persuasive message out front and keep it there.

Court of Public Opinion Strategies

We live in a 24/7 news cycle where the media never sleeps. In that environment, media coverage can influence the outcome of a legal case. We know it’s not supposed to happen, but we know it does. The Dover Group, unlike traditional public relations firms in the legal sphere, offers something unique: a laser focus on winning. We manage the media and the court of public opinion so that you’re free to focus on winning the case.


For decades television advertising has been an important part of any campaign, but one of its shortcomings is the lack of control over who sees it and who doesn’t. By contrast, phone calls are extremely targeted, but you only have about 10 seconds to deliver your message. Direct mail is the perfect blend: highly targeted and perfectly suited for delivering a compelling, persuasive message.

The Dover Group’s experienced, creative messaging and graphic design team work with its best-in-class targeting and voter identification team to produce original, persuasive, targeted direct mail that gets the right message to the right people. What’s more, the Dover Group will integrate your direct mail program with your entire advertising program and your online program to make sure your audience is hearing a consistent message.

View our direct mail samples here.


You don’t have to be Tim Berners-Lee (Go ahead, Google him.) to know that the Internet has fundamentally changed the way in which your audience gathers information and the way in which you communicate with your audience. The question is, how can you use that space to benefit your campaign? The Dover Group has years of experience building and executing online solutions for winning campaigns. We know how to make it work for you.

Website Development

Increasingly, the people with whom you need to communicate are finding their information on the Web. The Dover Group can develop a website for your campaign that generates traffic, tells your story, and stays within your budget.

Online Advertising

Campaign advertising needs to find voters where they are. With more and more people getting their news online, online advertising is growing in importance. The Dover Group can design, strategize, and execute your online advertising program.

E-mail Advocacy and Fundraising

In addition to building your website, the Dover Group can help you develop your online community and create targeted, effective e-mail campaigns, online petitions, surveys, and fundraising solicitations that are integrated with your messaging and fundraising strategy.

Social Media

Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. You know they’re out there, but which social media platforms are right for your campaign? We’ll help you figure out how to utilize this constantly changing environment to deliver the maximum impact for your campaign.

View our online work samples here.

Work With The Dover Group

The Dover Group hosts a year-round internship in our Chicago office. For more information, please visit our jobs page.