Chris Esposito

Chris Esposito is a nationally recognized and respected campaign strategist with an expertise in targeting.

Prior to his work at the Dover Group, Esposito worked for EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest political action committee, where he helped elect pro-choice Democratic women Governors, U.S. Senators and U.S. Congresswomen in Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Western states.

A profile of Esposito in the Washington Post declared, “Esposito has helped guide a number of female candidates to victories by immersing himself in the statistics and personalities of each race like few operatives on either side of the political divide.”

As one of EMILY’s List’s top strategists from 2001-2006, Esposito served as the link between the DC-based organization and campaigns around the country. He was responsible for helping the campaigns create individualized plans, including budget, fundraising, earned and paid media, research and polling, targeting, and Election Day voter turnout (GOTV) to win special, primaries and general elections.

Esposito was responsible for dozens of races every year, with budgets ranging between $3 million and $40 million. Before that, Esposito worked as the Midwest/Northeast Political Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from 1999-2000, where he helped vulnerable incumbents win re-election and first time congressional candidates flip open seats from red to blue.

He was also the architect of Dennis Moore’s historic election to Congress in 1998 in a district that had not elected a Democrat since 1958.

Esposito grew up in New Hampshire and has lived and worked in Kansas, Washington, DC, and Massachusetts during his career. He currently lives in Las Vegas.