Jennifer Koch-Donovan

Jennifer has spent her career helping elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Prior to becoming a political consultant, Jennifer managed several campaigns across the country, including DCCC Frontline and Red-to-Blue races. She worked on the 2008 Obama for America presidential campaign based in Chicago and went to work for the White House after President Obama was sworn-in. In 2013 she became the Executive Director of the Colorado Democratic Party ushering in a new era of candidate recruitment and training that led to significant gains made in the Colorado state legislature. Since then, she has trained candidates through Emerge America, Emily’s List, Vote Run Lead and She Should Run.

Besides electing more women to political office, Jennifer is passionate about development in rural Africa. She has a Master’s Degree in International Relations and started African Community Advancement Initiative, a small NGO, focusing on providing resources for girls to attend school in rural Tanzania. Currently, Jennifer splits her time between Denver, Colorado and her childhood hometown of Clare, Michigan where she serves as the chair of her local county Democratic Party.