If you’re reading this, you’re telling us something. You’re telling us you want to know more than, “Do they make nice stuff?” (We do.)

You’re telling us that you want to know what kind of firm you’re getting before you make a decision, and that’s smart. With the Dover Group you get something better than a consulting firm, you get a fully invested partner. We give you more than you’re paying for because we know that’s the best way to put you in a position to WIN.

And really, isn’t that what this is all about?

Our Story

There are 18 of them in the U.S.Truth? We’re not from Dover. Not from any of them. (There are 18 of them in the U.S.)

So what’s up, right? Fair question.

It starts with Dover Group founders, Larry Jacob, Chris Esposito, and Mark Nevins in Kansas in 1998.  And the movie MASH, er, well, really technically the book, but the movie, too. And a book about a campaign.

Oh hell, here’s University of Kansas political science professor Burdett Loomis to explain:


Loomis 1

Burdett Loomis“In 1998, congressional candidate Dennis Moore allowed me almost completely unfettered access to his campaign, as he sought to unseat incumbent Republican Vince Snowbarger.”

Loomis 2

Burdett Loomis“Working on both an article and a documentary, I observed the unusual process of Moore turning over his campaign to three political professionals who were almost totally unfamiliar with Kansas. Despite the hurdles, Chris Esposito, Larry Jacob, and Mark Nevins put together a formidable operation, though often held together by sheer force of will and personality.”

Loomis 3

Burdett Loomis“I found their combination of skills, sarcasm, and enthusiasm reminiscent of the Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland characters of Robert Altman’s great comedy MASH. Hence, first in my mind and then in my article, they became ‘The Pros from Dover,’ drawn from a movie scene in which Gould and Sutherland run roughshod over the Army brass as they perform a brilliant bit of surgery and then hustle off to play a few holes of golf.”

Meet Our Team

Tara Bardella

Digital Campaign Manager

Emily Campbell


Maria Charkoudian-Fox

Graphic Designer

Megan Cook

Vice President of Production

Jennifer Koch-Donovan

Senior Strategy Director

Felicia Doolin

Design Director

Chris Esposito


Leslie Grayson

Direct Mail and Digital Copywriter

Aaron Hunter

Senior Vice President for Digital

Abby Lerner

Senior Production Director

Dave Mellet

Campaigns Manager

Mark Nevins


Travis Rothe

Graphic Designer

Andy Shapero

Senior Account Manager

Aaron Solomon

Graphic Designer